We are trying to fill in the gap between our dreams and this blog is filling a small portion of it. We hope that through this site, we can somehow share our experiences and bring the lesson to our readers (without the mess!)

Because we would like to provide informative content, we are planning to interview “rags-to-riches” people, people who came from zero to a million. We believe that their story would somehow be an inspiration not just for us but for all who are aspiring to becomes millionaires like us. If you know anybody who qualifies for this, please inform us and we’ll be glad to have them scheduled for an interview.

The key ingredient to getting rich, we believe, is entrepreneurship. We do not believe in get-rich-quick schemes because without the journey from zero to a million, you’ll probably fall for the get-rich-quick-and-lose-the-money-in-a-month scheme, too. This is true for everyone I know and I’m sure you’ve experienced it, too. So we don’t want to get rich that way and we don’t share that here. We share you the wealth in ways that would make you think money wouldn’t matter anymore because you can create it just like that.

Part of the plan is to give away 10% of the total accumulated wealth to charity. We believe that this would somehow come back in other forms, maybe even bigger than what we will give away.

Hope you can visit us often as we provide more content.